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What this Local Plainfield Pet Shop is All About…

Our Retail Store

Established in Plainfield in 2005, with optimal nutrition in mind.

Wags to Whiskers offers well-researched and planned pet nutrition plans and products catering to dogs and cats.  We feature what the industry considers the least-processed foods containing the lowest allergen producing ingredients.  We carry the most nutritious lines of pet foods available in Plainfield so that your pet ingests nothing but healthy and nutritious foods, treats and chews!







Wags to Whiskers employs professional and experienced dog groomers here in Plainfield.  We offer full service grooming packages, customized for your pet. With the grooming appointment, every pet receives a calming and relaxing experience, with everything included. You will know what you will pay without surprises at pick up! And we take great care of your beloved pet.

Please call 815-436-5957 to make an appointment.

Self-Serve Wash

At Wags to Whiskers, our self-service pet wash features an elevated pet bathing tub that can accommodate every dog, no matter the size. With all self-service washes, we provide a selection of natural shampoos*. We pride ourselves in the sanitary conditions of our facilities.  We include fresh towels and wash cloths as well as hand held, pet-safe dryers. The self-wash offers a convenient, low cost, and hassle-free way to bathe pets more frequently.

*All of our Self-Wash Shampoos are properly diluted to manufacturer directions for proper washing and rinsing of your pets coats.